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A big division rivalry thats been heating up as of late!

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Hd vs Dbe..... I like this matchup. Two of the best owners in the league. Best matchup this week in my opinion!

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Big Divisional showdown this week. TitanBrian and the Texans (8-1) look to even up with Frank and the Jags (9-0)! Will one of the final two undefeated teams drop this week? Or both? Or will both carry on unblemished?!

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Patriots coach jbell had reportedly been injured on the job. Is he just another workmen comp. victim? Was alcohol or drugs involved? Is this a cover up story? We'll have to wait until an official response from patriots headquarters.

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Cowboys trying to bounce back against yet another unbeaten team!

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Both teams enter the game with a goose egg in the loss column. Only one can leave the game the same way! Who's it gonna be!?!

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A lot of good matchups this week! However I find this to be a early pivotal game for both teams! Who wants it more?

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A great Divisional rematch, can the Colts even up with a win?

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Solid ACC showdown in this wee Game of The Week!!

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Both teams are on fire to start the season! The BIGGEST question is can the Texans slow down Blount and pick up a big win on the road?

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As I have said in several previous posts over the weekend.... No excuses really. If you guys were active on the site this wouldnt happen. However even though I posted every last message in chat, still owners couldnt get it together. We have a bit of a combo here with new owners maybe not familiar with the way things work. All I can say about that is, get on the site. This info is NOT available in chat. Chiefs are on unlimited auto, rascrush has been away. But for a couple of you there is no logical reason that you failed to correct your rosters. Heres a suggestion, we can see who is on the forum,...

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Crazy week. Changes are going to happen often I see!! Atleast in the early going!

1. Giants

2. Texans

3. Cowboys

4. Vikings

5. Browns

6. Jaguars

7. Raiders

8. Packers

9. Bengals

10. Colts

11. Rams

13. Panthers

14. 49ers

15. Lions

16. Titans

17. Chargers

18. Patriots

19. Bucs

20. Jets

21. Steelers

22. Bears

23. Saints

24. Falcons

25. Eagles

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Once again MEFL has a broadcast enforcer!! Nuun will be handling the responsibility of checking to make sure we are following the broadcast rules. Nuun is a great fit fit these duties because he is a ROBAR winner, and probably spends the most time on our twitch accounts.

Warnings, then suspensions will come, so everyone needs to step up their games.

Thanks for the help Nuun!

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I know a lot of you guys are up to date now. However still a good many are not! I have posted on the site several times. Ive listed the infractions by team. Ive shared it all in groupme, so no one has excuses. Ill be doing a final check tomorrow. If you chose to ignore the posts or you dont bother to get on the site... Thats your problem. Gracefully accept your HOPEFULLY you all will be in order by then!

GL guys!

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Two top contenders butting heads!

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Falcons send C Joe Hawley 78 ovr age 29 rbk 74 pbk 77 ibl 88 and this years 3rd rd pick to Housto for C J C Tretter ovr 81 rbk 89 pb 86 ibl 91 I agree

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I know we have a cpl on vacation and one on unlimited auto. I can also see that a lot of these are what happens when you auto re-order your Depth chart. Most are simple fixes and just signing a few players to get to 53. Just the same, They need to be taken care of before your week 3 game or you will face player suspensions.
This is why you all need to use the site. Groupme is a add that is there for fun. The league will never be run from there. Also keep in mind that it shows when you have and have not been on the website. If you know the rules, then you know website activity is a part of...

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Though it's gotten a little relaxed.... I've already played my Fantasy game, it's my bye in Default. So I've got nothing but time this weekend! As in the past, all owners are given until the end of week two to have rosters in order. I breezed through last night, and there's a TON of infractions. We go through this every season. I will post a link in chat along with this link,  No one should need to walk guys through this. The regulations are in the forum on the site. I cannot express enough that you need to use the site. Everything is there. Everyone should be on far more often even if it's for...

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With just one game under our belts this is where it stands! Its gonna bounce around early!

1. Bengals

2. Cowboys

3. Rams

4. Vikings

5. Raiders

6. Colts

7. Giants

8. Jaguars

9. Lions

10. Bears

11. Texans

12. Packers

13. Browns

14. Jets

15. 49ers

16. Patriots

17. Panthers

!8. Steelers

19. Bucs

20. Saints

21. Chargers

22. Titans

23. Seahawks

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Early Implications?

We have a Big early AFC South matchup between the Jags and Colts! Will the winner set the tone?

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After a return of peer voting for MEFL's highest honor, the winner is.....datboyfromtexas!!!

Texas is a new member to MEFL for Madden 15, and has become one of our best members. Always in the chat talking, contributing, and learning. His Cleveland Browns squad has become better every year under his control, and defensively Brian is in the elite class. He plays a great game of football that exceeds our expectations and high standards. Thanks for being a part of the team, and welcome to the club.

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Well Power rankings are back on site. And no, they wont matchup with DL. TB and I in particular do not feel DL is all that accurate. Plus theres a couple things Im adding, such as owner activity on the SITE. How many W/L come as a result of sims and AP games. Chat will play no role in this at all. I am completely impartial, your all good guys so theres nothing personal in the mix! So with that said, Here is the pre-season Power Rankings!

2018 Pre-Season Power Ranks:

1. Rams

2. Bengals

3. Raiders

4. Cowboys

5. Vikings

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Lone and the Rams are fresh off a SB win with a tough Week One opponent in HD and the Steelers. Both Playoff Contenders every season. This should make for one heck of a good game!

Good Luck to you Both!

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We are going back to a voting system for the ROBAR winner.

You can place your vote by PM'ing me on here or on groupme. Please give your #1 choice (2pts.) and your runner up choice (1pt.). Past ROBAR winners, and commissioners will get 3 (1st) and 2 (2nd) points for their votes.

A ROBAR voted by his peers, is a true class act, and his opinions will be valued by all of us.

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Redskins @ Rams
(12-1) (11-2)

Zee vs Lonestar Should be a hell of a Matchup!

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Hello, is there anybody out there?

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Can't have HB's in any FB slot. Please fix this

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Help me fill out the empty slots below....including what's happening with these playoffs.  

Open Mic 1m15sh10

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Click that link.  

Slicksilverman and Rafa are THE commishes in Default, while Slick and TitanBrian are THE commishes in fantasy. The two commishes will still handle trades in both leagues.  One of the two will handle player position changes.

Those guys along with help...

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Scouting section says locked so posting here.


Running: Every run but 1 FB dive was outside. Stretch, strong power, counters, pitch was used. Not a single inside run but end of 4th quarter fb dive. Doesnt run the QB in this one.

Passing: Well its zee, he uses the slant/cross as his main read most plays with the drag as his backup route, so many use this know its like a given. Tried only 1 or 2 screens, no deeps tried in this game as well. Does get in a few 10-15 yard dig routes with the slot on a slant/cross to clear it out. If u take away that slot and...

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Now that we are experts on Madden 15, does anyone have issues with the sliders? Everything is set at 50 out of 100 currently, except fatigue is at 55.

We talked a little in chat about pass interference could use a bump, not sure what the negative effects would be.

If someone has an idea, please speak up, not looking for drastic changes, just a place to start. Maybe someone is on another league that has tweaked gameplay?

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I have to leave from playing and commishing both leagues ASAP.

I was notified today that I'm going to start writing for, and it's impossible for me to have anytime to even play my games.  I have too much stuff going on right now with all that.  I've been struggling keeping up all during M15 as it is.

After each season, I'll come back and help out with the history, hopefully keeping that updated....but...

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The freaking "Human Highlight Film."

Dominique Wilkins Interview - Elite Sports NY

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When someone posts on vaca thread shouldnt they be autod? Does the other guy have to request multiple times for that person to be put on auto and then have it still not happen? Whats the point of the vaca thread? I lost 2 of my best guys to injuries on that thats pretty weak show on commisioners part...asked on thurday , friday multiple times till I just got tired of asking like that shit is weak, commisioners should sit their best defenders for as long as mine are injured dont u think?

Kind of defeats the purpose of suspending people who violate rules. I win robars in both...

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Enjoy a relaxing day with great food and some football! Travel safe guys! Hope you all have a great day!

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Open Mic 128

....enjoy the food and the full slate of great games on Thursday with your families.

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Alright everybody, the Pack is back.  LaMigra is transitioning over to the Cards.

The 49ers are the only open team, and ALL owner info has been updated, including Twitch Streams.

Let's get this fantasy thing exciting.

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Slick, Titan..have there been any owner changes recently?

As far as PSN, Phone Number, Twitch contact there anything that needs updating?

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I heard allot of buzz over spurdaddy using to much cover 3 during the superbowl, so today I watched it.

50 defensive plays, 19 were cover 3.

Is that to many? 38%of plays called?

Although it's the same concept, he did mix up the actual plays with cover 3 buzz, C3 sky, C3 drop, C3 cloud, and C3 show 2. Some was press, some wasn't.

I saw no abuse, like nano blitz, he wasn't trying to confuse you with a hybrid (some guys man). Just allot of cover 3. Is 1 every 3 plays allot?

At one point in the game it was 5 in a row. That would annoy any...

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QB Tannehill- 83 ovr, THP-91, SAC-90, PAC-89, SPD-83, ACC-85
QB Matt Cassell- 80 ovr

RB-Jeff Demps - SPD-98, ACC-98, AGI-95, JKM-94

WR Greg Childs 6'3"- SPD-93, ACC-91, JMP-94

TE Dustin Keller SPD-82, ACC-83

LE Frank Alexander FMV-84, SPD-74, ACC-84
RE Mario Addison FMV-85, SPD-80, ACC-86

CB Brayan McCann SPD-96, ACC-97, JMP-96

Looking for O-linemen, ROLB and draft Picks. Text me if interested. 904-716-5127

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Everyone look at your draft picks, if you have one that belongs to another team start trading to give it back.  If you have one missing get ahold of the owner to exchange.

Madden has built in draft trades from real life,  that don't apply to our redraft league.

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Allot of sloppy stuff going on around here!! Half way through the season and we need to clean things up.

Schedule your games/availability in the matchup forums. When advance day comes this is what we look at, if only one guy scheduled, then he gets to play cpu. If nobody scheduled then we are not chasing you guys down, we will advance the league.

This is a website league, inactivity online will get you booted.

The defense should never pick a play first!

Mix up your play calling! If you have 6 draw plays from 5 different formations, and a hb delay,...

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...these two guys are the Commishes of Fantasy.  They have done a great job with running the league and will continue as commishes moving forward.

Go to them with anything and everything.

I'm still here doing the website and a few other things...but with a lot of other crap I have going on, these are your guys.

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We have depth chart rules, and owners that are not compliant.

The changes need to be made on the following teams by Friday night oct.3rd.

HB in a FB slot:

You are allowed to use TE's in a backup FB position but not a HB.

CB's in a backup safety slot:

please fix asap, after deadline...

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Alright....take your diapers off and start talking some smack.  Hurt each other's feelings a little bit here.  We wan't to hear some smack talking! are you letting C4Jun119 leading your division? 
TitanBrian sucks all of a sudden.

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Happened in one of our Fantasy games.  Go to the 53 minute mark....with 8 minutes left in 4th quarter.  Has anybody seen this before?

Even though EA fixed the Desync issue...I would still encourage everybody to keep using our Graphical Settings in tact.  Especially because we don't want anybody to be using the TOO EASY Kick Arc.

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Hey guys, we have a bunch of roster violations, look closely at your teams and clean them up. Pay close attention to backups; HB in a FB slot, CB in Saftey ect.

If your roster not fixed before first advance , that means you didn't play your game within the rules......

This is everyones first warning!

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Did all 53 Rounds because we flew through it...and hey why not?  Towards the end it becomes Free Agency, and you guys also know that I always like to make INJURIES depth becomes important.

Kudos to these guys who actually care about filling out players 1 all the way through 53 on the depth they stayed throughout and didn't disappear at all:


.....the "Real" Fantasy Drafters.

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with rookie classes being random and never the same, I think we should draft another round or two or even all rounds because those rounds could be important

by SDchargers373 - Comments: 3 - Views: 183
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