Bengals Offseason position change request


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Bengals Offseason position change request

Post by jrbell12

Player: Juron Criner 6'3" 221 24 y/o
Position: WR
Position Change to: TE

Criner really has no stats to use as a comparison. Since his rookie season in 2012 he's only managed 19 receptions and maybe 400 yards. On madden, I've noticed he's generally a free agent. So I will post for you a comparison with my current TE's to show the attributes.

WR Criner
78 ovr 86 cth 80 cit 90 spec 83 rte 83 spd 72 str 85 acc 84 agi 82 awr 68 rb 63 ip
TE Rivera
87 ovr 84 cth 85 cit 72 spec 82 rte 79 spd 69 str 84 acc 74 agi 81 awr 62 rb 65 ip Cunningham
81 ovr 78 cth 78 cit 76 spec 76 rte 73 spd 66 str 84 acc 74 agi 79 awr 73 rb 67 ip
77 ovr 81 cth 81 cit 78 spec 80 rte 81 spd 71 str 82 acc 75 agi 85 awr 74 rb 71 ip

Also note, Criner is a 78 at WR, he improves to a 81at TE. All my other WR's dropped. ( curiosity check). The attributes match up well, the speed is average for a TE. Everything about this kid screams TE. Criner is begging for a chance at a career guys!! He's to slow at WR.
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Post on Sat 22 Mar 2014, 8:21 am by jrbell12


Post on Sat 22 Mar 2014, 3:12 pm by chrebet1024

....You know what?  I almost approved it...but I'm gonna have to DECLINE..

Reasons:  I agree his run blocking and impact blocking DO compare to some tight ends.  And could he get away with being a smaller TE?  Yes. 

BUT 220 pounds is small for a TE.  Are there other TE's that are that weight? YES.

But here's the ultimate reason.....if we allow this....we open up Pandora's Box to the possibility of many guys making similar moves....and we don't want that.

The two most difficult position changes to get approved are CB to S and WR to TE.

Post on Sat 22 Mar 2014, 5:09 pm by jrbell12

It's all good. I just figured why not give it a shot since I was screwed on Rivera. Guess I'll be taking a hit on Criner. He's otherwise useless...

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