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issue with packers Empty issue with packers

Post by rascrush

So i just got done with my game against the packers and i shit you not every fucking play on defense bump or press coverage and if there was not one it was so little that I can not remember it so that is saying something. It got to the point that come the 3rd q i had to start running slants everyplay just to counter act his cheesy play. I streamed the game so hopefully you can pull it up and see what i mean. It is just kinda sad that i have to start playing cheesy myself just so i can actually have a chance against his cheesy play. I love press just as much as everyone else and do use it to a extent sometimes up to half my plays but come on every fucking play that is not fair and should not be allowed and is not sim at all.
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Post on Wed 23 Apr 2014, 11:08 pm by bld314

I don't press every play. Sorry you feel that way. That being said I didn't think you played cheesy at all and I sure I don't play cheesy. Good Luck the rest of the year tho.

Post on Thu 24 Apr 2014, 8:05 am by chrebet1024

So here's the guy is saying one the other guy is saying another. Both guys have a pretty good reputation.

The occasion that somebody actually posts a video to our Facebook page will be the FIRST TIME!!!!!!!

Do u guys understand what type of digital age we now live in? It is so easy to upload 15 min clips of footage to our Facebook page.

We have this wonderful section titled MEFL Films that only I add to via video.

In batik on waiting fornthaybguy who takes such pridebin their game that they don't mind having their play calls being able to be viewed on MEFL Films....and helps add to the collection.

Posting a complaint does great things regardless of whosbin the right. Its let's everybody know certain stuffbwont be tolerated and let's everybody know when they're being called out.

But posting actual video clips takes it to a whole different level.

Post on Thu 24 Apr 2014, 8:11 am by chrebet1024

....SDchargers has been the only guy to contribute to MEFL Films.

Not one person has presented a video clip about Sim play...positive or negative.  The MAGIC that happens when fhebentire league can analyze gameplay right from a video clip would be amazing.

It really tellsbus something about effort.  Its simple to do.  And if u don't know how to do it...GOOGLE it and find out...or shoot me a text asking for help.

If guys KNEW that members regurly upload video clips to the website....don't u think those fellas would be a little more on guard about some of the things they do?

SIM play is up to the entire community to enforce.

Post on Thu 24 Apr 2014, 8:18 am by chrebet1024

Below is the link to the MEFL TV section (which can be accessed from any page by clicking the TV button at top of screen)....

On the left side is our Facebook page and directions on what to do...

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