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Post by tomdaddy80

So I get on today to play to Bromontana and the first 8 plays 5 qb runs in a 3 wr set before he could even make a read. I then continue to play until he, Cherbet, and I start texting back n forth. He then begins to play a legit game however barely ever getting out of the pistol formation. On defense he is either in man press or a cover 1 press. In the three years I have been in Mxlf and now mefl I have never played a game were I felt so cheese dicked. I'm just saying who else has played him were the qb is out rushing his rb
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Post on Fri 25 Oct 2013, 7:53 am by chrebet1024

you know what's gonna be great about ps4? I'll have the option to hop on their game and watch it if accusations are flying back and forth.

Its now 3 owners that have mentioned the "over running" by Bromontana with his qbs. When he played me I noticed him breaking the pocket right after snap and scrambling right every play.

He knows about the concerns and will fix it.

...this is why this topic is here on the site....its NOT for killing each other and screaming and yelling.....its so that the entire league knows when something is going down. Now the league can keep an eye out for this going forward.

....and I'm sure Bromontana has his case (which we both spoke together and he informed me of it)....but moving forward it'll be all good.

Post on Fri 25 Oct 2013, 9:42 am by chrebet1024

....and let's get something straight too....NOBODY is perfect enough to be exempt from being called out from time to time. Everybody will do some questionable things from time to time.....BUT the key is to talk about it openly....don't be defensive...anyalyze yourself and get better from it. Think about it...what's the point in getting defensive about it? it doesnt help anything. Yes of course there will be claims that are made sometimes in which are unfounded and false...BUT it still doesn't hurt to take a look at yourself and think about it.

Post on Sat 26 Oct 2013, 10:23 am by Frank_XD-

He did me the same way TWICE. I wish he'd get on here to explain himself. I know were are all not perfect sim players but everyone I've played strives and makes a great effort in playing sim.

Post on Fri 01 Nov 2013, 5:53 pm by RegularJ0e

You both had your flaws. .. 5QB runs in 8 plays? Inaccurate. All I hear is cring in this thread. If you cant stop the pistol, then ill keep runnjng it. If you can't beat I form, I'd run that too. Did u want me to throw 53 times when you CLEATLY couldn't stop the run? Regardless of who was running. Smh...

Post on Fri 01 Nov 2013, 7:08 pm by chrebet1024

See fellas now here's how this should work......

This could have been your response bromontana....

I understand your concern about this as this has come up a few times this season.  Chrebet told me about it when I played him and he also told me a few others texted him about this.  So I'm gonna look at my game and examine what I can do better.  There's also a few concerns I have about a few other guys (and then you can list those and/or report them to commish.)

....we need to always LOOK AT OURSELVES, not argue, and even if somebody is WAY of base, STILL we look at ourselves, as that's the ONLY way everybody gets better in this area.

BroMontana....it hasn't been 1 guy, it hasn't been 2 guys, it hasn't been 3 guys...it's been 4 guys, including myself that has noticed an Unsim nature to the way you use your QB's at times. 

The Pistol and Run/Pass ratio issue:
While you might be a pistol formation team and want to run a spread like offense, you still need to mix it up.  And while you might be running down somebody's throat during a game, you still need to pass a fair amount.  Now does that mean you always have to pass every play like your saying? no.  Don't look at it in black and white all the time.  There are happy mediums.

The running with the QB issue:
There is NO problem with calling QB options...but the KEY is to NOT over call the play.  I didn't see that issue when I played you....the ONLY issue I saw when I played you was your constant "sprinting out of the pocket" with your QB every play to get into a run/pass option with pryor.  In those instances everybody knows that its MUCH easier to get a guy open.  So it is glitchy.  Does that mean to never scramble?  NO!!!!  It just means you might be doing it too much.

I will be playing the Browns tonight and if I notice anything I sure as hell will post it....and if he notices anything that could help me with correcting some of MY FAULTS, then I sure hope he posts it on the website as well.

It's always constant discussion and self-examination....that is the only way to make a SIM community, MORE of a SIM community.

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