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Post by SDchargers373

Another garbage playcaller just watch his first 3 or 4 drives on offense. all his runs yards are counters or powers same runs over and over. back 2 back same plays sometimes just flips the play. calls same verticals play 2 out 3 after the 2nd td I think. Where are we finding these chumps taco Bell? Just a waste of time at this point.

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Post on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 1:15 pm by SDchargers373

if u go thru the whole game he calls i believe 4 runs all game. the same power and counter all game then 4th q he calls inside zone twice and iso twice i think. sweet. so fun. Ortiz ran his mouth saying "no mercy" what he meant to was "I spam" lol

Post on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 1:20 pm by SDchargers373

just watch his very first 2 playcalls on offense and that set the tone for the game for me. just horseshit IMO

Post on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 4:34 pm by titanbrian

Starting the tape now

Post on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 5:44 pm by titanbrian

Complaint #1 first 4 drives ALL he runs it's counters and powers.

What I saw: 2 power O's, 2 strong powers, 2 counters, 1 inside zone, 1 HB misdirection, 1 01 trap. Saying it's ALL he runs is incorrect. Because the word "power"is in four of the plays, does that make it seem worse than it is?

Complaint #2 he ran same verticals play 2 out of 3 plays

What I saw: another exaggeration, if you're talking about 4 verts to end a drive, then calling Colts verts the third play of the next drive, it just doesn't seem as bad as the way you state your complaint.

Complaint#4, used 4 runs all game

What I saw: 4 power O's, 3 counters, 2 inside zones, 2 strong powers, and 1 each of, misdirection, trap, slam, zone weak, and dive. Another exaggeration.

I'm not grouping strong power in with power O.
Each run play was in a different set, or formation.
None of the 4 power O's was abusive. Only 1 got allot of yards on you and you had him in the backfield first, you blitzed inside and a toss, stretch, off tackle all would have had the same effect.

No suspension is going to come from his run play calls unless you can convince me other wise.

Power O was his most used run play, and he even had a couple PA power O's, to go with it. That could be interpreted as a very sim way of setting up a game plan.

What concerns me most is a guy saying things with extremes like, "ALL he runs", and "whole game" and I waste an hour of my time watching a game noticing right away that this isn't the case.

Post on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 6:00 pm by SDchargers373

If i run that many stretches out of slightly diff formations its all good then? can run it out of lots of formations lol. whatever guess I was wrong thanks for looking at that. good stuff lol

Post on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 7:39 pm by SDchargers373

im just trying to wrap my head around this. So i can run a stretch Iform 1 play then stretch I form twins next play flipped sids and thats considered a diff play and "mixing' it up? I can run the same counter and just flip the play (1st 2 plays 2nd drive I believe). we obviously have differing opinions what "mixing it up" means sso I dunno really man

Post on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 7:41 pm by SDchargers373

maybe im over sensitive to it cuz all the trash games ive had to play to but idc if u consider this mixing up runs....smh....

Post on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:41 pm by chrebet1024 this is what I'm talking about. This is good stuff.

SD, good job by posting complaint in the forum. Ortiz good job on not retaliating.

I will also view the tape...bit let's allow Titanbrian to do his job here. Whatever punishments or view he has on the game should hold a lot of water.

Of course we can all disagree with eachother on certain things...but talking about it in an open forum, and in a civil manner is what we need to do.

Lets get this freakin forum jumping again. Anybody else have an opinion on this game after watching it?

Post on Sun 30 Nov 2014, 4:42 pm by titanbrian

Are you calling stretches the power O's? Is 4 in a game to many? I could probably lean "yes" as the answer if they were over powered, but he really wasn't getting yards on them, and when he did you hit him on the backfield.
There is difference between running four 01 traps, and getting 12 yards everytime, vs. Running four dives in a game and averaging 2 yards.

He could have game planned that you have a slow front line vs. His fast guards and decided to have several pulling plays, which is allowed in our rules under the "mixing it up" section. Lol, the truth is when you watch his game on his feed he was being a lazy play caller and using the ask Madden section to pick plays, and every time the power plays would show up first.

You had a valid complaint SD, and I'd hope ortiz will mix it up better now that attention is on him, I just didn't see enough abuse to warrant a suspension

Post on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 4:12 am by SDchargers373

Just sucks for me cuz I used to look forward to my games now it just seems more aggravation than its worth….

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