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Chargers suspension Empty Chargers suspension

Post by titanbrian

SD, in the chat yesterday, after playing raiders, you brought up gameplay complaints. While this alone is against the rules, it was made worse with over exaggerating comments.

You said ortiz_23 ran the play "power O" on 90% of his plays.( he had 4 in the game)

You also said he ran 4 straight on the first drive.(it was a power 0, then a strong power was all that was "in a row")

The issue here is labelling someone unfairly. Even if his play calling is perceived to be bad(or is bad) the exaggeration in the chat helps nobody.

This, I believe, will be our leagues first chat violation, and I'd like to get others opinions before punishment is dealt out, and SD please respond with your defence or justification in doing so. Thanks
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Post on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 6:22 pm by SDchargers373

stil dont think it was an exaggeration but ya i dont know what else to do Im wasting a lot of time playing and scheduling these games when I can get the same shit in lobbies. I accept whatever penalty u feel fit tho I think the headaches I get from playing these shitty lobby style games is enough tho.

Post on Sun 30 Nov 2014, 4:52 pm by titanbrian

That's all my post was doing, is showing how you exaggerated, I think a first offence in this situation should be a warning, so consider this your warning, lol.

I'd rather guys watch the video themselves, before acting it in chat. Saves my time, for sure. Stating in the forum the facts of a bad game, is way better for everyone, than recalling your perception of a game immediately after in the chat.

Post on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 3:50 am by SDchargers373

agreed-grievances should be kept out of chat I know this and il do my best to not let it happen again

Post on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 9:52 am by Zeemen

I hate to jump in on this but in default and here owners are using about a quarter of their playbooks and only calling what the game allows to work in most situations. I beat the 100% zone callers anyway so I don't complain on here but it's ridiculous that some are some scared to call a man to man or a blitz. It's part of football. I'd like to see punishment handed out to those who go a whole game calling less then 5 man to man plays. There are 50+ snaps and you mean to tell me that 49-50 of them are zones? Not choosing sides here but SD does make s point as both these keagues are set up for sim strategy and so if we allow this safe 10 play play calling to continue when there are 400 plays on the book, then we are on same level as lobby ball except for a few more rules.

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