Steelers Suspension ++ PLEASE READ AND ACCEPT


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Steelers Suspension ++ PLEASE READ AND ACCEPT Empty Steelers Suspension ++ PLEASE READ AND ACCEPT

Post by slicksilverman

C4JUN, you played the computer chiefs, broke and tied a record. This is UNacceptable; Your response was well it was one of those games, which MAY give a slim chance to excuse it but unfortunately you did not stream the game and there is no game log to review. The consequence of this will be

QB Aaron Rodgers 3 Games
WR Mike Wallace 2 Games
          Please remove both players from your depth chart starting Week 12-13 (14 for rodgers)

Understand that while "stat padding" may not have been your intention, it gives a large amount of xp and also puts your name in the record books for playing a CPU. This will not be tolerated and is easily avoided.

Please reply and accept

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