LeSean "Shady" McCoy OTB?


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LeSean "Shady" McCoy OTB?

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Recent sources say the New England Patriots and LeSean McCoy aren't seeing "eye to eye". Patriot sources are saying the team is unhappy with his lack luster performance, poor practice antics and his inability to be a leader on this team. Meanwhile, McCoy is unhappy about his use on offense. In particular in the passing game. McCoy feels 90% of the offense should run through him. McCoy was recently heard saying after a week 2 beating by the Jets that "maybe this team would have a passing game if they handed the ball to me and let me throw it." Reporter Mushino Tunahakatou of The Boston globe caught up with McCoy prior to the Patriots week 3 meeting in Miami to inquire about these rumors. McCoy declined to comment on the situation.

After a tough week 3 loss to the Dolphins, Patriot management has confirmed that the possibility of trading LeSean is very real. The Patriots declined to answer wether or not negotiating had started. When asked what the team might be looking for... Coach Bellimer Shrugged and said " I don't know? The organization is likely looking for a HB to replace McCoy, a Corner to add solid experience to the defensive backfield, and draft picks. Or a combo of any of the above." When asked why the organization decided to go this way, they declined to comment on specifics, but did say the reasons are more personal then anything.

It appears McCoy could in fact be on the move. Or at the very least, the Patriots are interested in fielding offers. Still leaning on the side of caution, the Patriots did say "it will take the right trade for McCoy to sport a new Jersey. It's tough to part with Superstar talent like LeSean."

It is believed the Patriots have three or four teams they may attempt to offer McCoy to. But with all the uncertainty, they are without a doubt taking offers. The rumor is true... Shady is on the block!

24/7 offers can be made. Ownership will respond as quickly as possible. This isn't a desperation move. There's 5 weeks until the trade deadline. If the right deal doesn't come along, Shady will remain a Patriot.

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