Jags RB Bryce Brown Suspended


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Jags RB Bryce Brown Suspended Empty Jags RB Bryce Brown Suspended

Post by chrebet1024

Heady as per our conversation here is the suspension.

Bryce Brown must be taken off of your Depth Chart ENTIRELY for 1 game (Week 16)

...please respond to this post by accepting suspension.

The reason for the suspension so everybody knows:  Heady scored 69 points against the Bills in Week 15.  The high score is way too much when looking at the Bills score of 21 points.  Now, most of the scores were set up off of turnovers because the Jags only had 352 yards of Offense...they only passed 6 times and ran it a whole lot.  So the offensive output was ok, BUT still scoring 69 points is just way too much.

....In a situation like this, and I'm POSITIVE it was tough, we gotta run for first downs and get down...keep the clock going and MAXIMIZE your snaps.

So nothing Major as Heady DID NOT INTENTIONALLY run up the score...but we will suspend a guy for 1 game as a reminder to everybody to be extra careful in these situations.


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Post on Sun 27 Oct 2013, 3:17 pm by Heady338

I accept the suspension

I kept scoring since it seems like bills were diving when i got into open field... kind of thought he was letting me score to get the ball back... so I kept going to try and make the game remain fun despite the score.

69 points definitlely too much though... I'll gladly accept suspension... talked to bills owner and Chrebet immediately after the game so hopefully there is no hard feelings

Post on Sun 27 Oct 2013, 3:21 pm by Heady338

i should also add that after talking to bills he was NOT intentionally letting me score, just having trouble tackling... I read the situation wrong... which is another reason I absolutely accept the suspension

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