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Starting with next advance....we will be switching the advance time to 10:00 PM est instead of the 11 that we have now.

1.  This will allow everybody to start thinking about scheduling games AT ADVANCE TIME.  In a really active league this is what owners do.  They try to schedule their games right away instead of waiting until the last minute or last night to get it in.

....so a common Comment on a weekly match-up thread would be this....
"I can play tonight at advance (10 pm est), or the next 2 nights from 5 pm to 11 pm."

While we are doing an ok job at getting most of the games in...we're not getting as many as we should be in.  Only in the rarest of occasions should games be simmed.  There will be NO MORE reminders by me to get the games in on the final day.  And also if you plan on STARTING YOUR game later than 8:30 pm est...then you really run a risk of having us advance before your game ends.  Remember you can text me anytime to keep me informed.

2.  Putting it at 10pm est will also allow me an easier time to get in our weekly news stuff on each advance night (power rankings, news, game of the week, etc.) 

Gotta keep the pressure on to see who the real owners are and aren't.


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