Cleveland Browns vs Shaston/New Orleans Saints


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Cleveland Browns vs Shaston/New Orleans Saints Empty Cleveland Browns vs Shaston/New Orleans Saints

Post by DaTBoYFrOMTeXaS

This is my 3rd or 4th season in the league, and playing Shaston in week 5 was the most unsim game I've ever played against anyone in this league.

I honestly expected more SIM gameplay since this dude's been in the league for a while now.

If he wasn't throwing seams or outs to his TE, he was rolling out and scrambling or calling HB counters the whole game. The first few drives of the game I was mixing up my defensive play calling, then it got to the point where I couldn't stop him at all because of his unsim offensive play calling. So, I resorted to calling nothing but cover 2 man, cover 1 man, cover 2 sinks, and cover 6s just to be somewhat competitive the rest of the game and no blitzes anymore.

Don't know how the hell this guy is still in the league with that kinda play calling. Felt like I was playing a lobby game.

Here's the archive so you can see exactly what I'm talking about.
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Post on Mon 13 Apr 2015, 7:02 pm by shaston

WOW. It has taken all I got not to curse in this reply. So yeah, I was scared when I pulled it up the video, because I was drunk last night when I was playing and I was like what the heck did I do. I was thinking, I must have been real messed up because I remembered the entire game. What the hell is this guying is talking about. I know I threw to my TE to expose him over the middle and try and open the run game. I knew I got nervous on a few plays, and just run as a fail safe, but...

By the way, I got your "gay!!."

So I get home from work and find this guy calling me gay and unsim. I watched the first 7 minutes of the video (this is suppose to be where it all happens) and then I see why he complaining, because he left the TE wide the hell open on three occasion. He is exaggerating. He playing 4-3 the entire time, slanting his line to the right and I am suppose just let that happen and not react. Im suppose to close my eyes and not throw to my tight end. I am glad for the video. You full of crap guy. Your TE has 135 yards in the game and he talking about me. This guy is ridiculous.

It's okay for him to target and dump of to his running back all game, throw to his TE, but its not okay for me to run my Quarterback. If you going to keep slanting your line to the right, hell yeah! I'm sure you in your confused, and deranged. I wish I knew your real beef, because it ain't the game play. Go crawl back under your rock and talk that bull some where else.

If anything lets enfoce the rule about crap talking on GroupMe on this... Opps, caught myself.

I will review more later so I can write something more detailed, the stuff I didn't see.


Post on Mon 13 Apr 2015, 7:28 pm by titanbrian

I'll review the game also, but it won't be till the weekend, if someone wants to watch a put up facts, that will be sweet also

Post on Tue 14 Apr 2015, 9:42 pm by DaTBoYFrOMTeXaS

TitanBrian mentioned in the chat that it would be better for me to break down each of his plays to show exactly how many times he used the same play. I had some time at the moment and reviewed the whole game. The plays listed below give the time they were snapped in the game, the quarter, and a brief description of each of his plays.

Note: The plays below are ones I remember him calling numerous times and/or plays I know he called at least two or 3 times. While he called/audibled a lot of plays where his TE ran a seam, he didn't actually throw it to him every single time. I'm saying this because I want to make a point on how many times he called a seam route to his TE. I'm also mentioning how many times he scrambled. Regardless of whether or not he actually threw to his TE... Which he did.... A LOT...

- 1st Quarter. 9:57. WR seam. Bucs Y-Trail.

- 1st Quarter. 9:20 TE seam. Quick Slants.

- 1st Quarter. 8:10. Bucs Y-Trail.

- 1st Quarter. 6:40. Scrambles to right immediately. Post Drag.

- 1st Quarter. 6:34. PA TE Corner.

- 1st Quarter. 6:00 HB Counter.

- 1st Quarter. 5:25. Very next play. HB Counter.

- 1st Quarter. 4:45. PA Boot Slide.

- 1st Quarter. 4:37. TE Seam. Curl Flat.

- 1st Quarter. 3:30. TE Seam. Curl Flat.

- 1st Quarter. 3:15. TE Seam. Saints Post.

- 1st Quarter. 1:59. Immediately scrambles right and runs for endzone for TD. Quick Slants.

- 2nd Quarter. 7:15. HB Counter.

- 2nd Quarter. 6:40. Immediately scrambles right. PA Boot Slide.

- 2nd Quarter. 6:00. TE Seam. Texas.

- 2nd Quarter. 5:20. Immediately scrambles right. Bucs Y-Trail.

- 2nd Quarter. 4:50. Scrambles right. Quick Slants.

- 2nd Quarter. 2:11. Immediately scrambles right. Post Drag again.

- 2nd Quarter. 2:05. PA TE Corner again.

- 2nd Quarter. 1:00. TE Seam. Curl Flat.

- 2nd Quarter. 0:26. TE Seam. Scrambles right. Curl Flats again back to back.

- 2nd Quarter. 0:20. Immediately scrambles right to try and get TD. PA Boot Slide again.

- 2nd Quarter. 0:12. Bucs Y-Trail.

- 3rd Quarter. 9:46. PA All Go.

- 3rd Quarter. 7:39. TE Seam. Seattle.

- 3rd Quarter. 7:30. HB Counter.

- 3rd Quarter. 6:55. Immediately scrambles left and runs in for TD. Y Shallow Cross.

- 3rd Quarter. 5:14. PA All Go.

- 3rd Quarter. 3:30. TE Seam. Quick Slants.

- 4th Quarter. 8:46. Scrambles right. PA All Go.

- 4th Quarter. 7:30. HB Counter.

- 4th Quarter. 6:50. Immediately scrambles right for first. PA Boot Slide.

- 4th Quarter. 6:30. Smash. This might be his 2nd or 3rd time calling this play. If it's just his 2nd, that's fine with me.

- 4th Quarter. 6:25. Saints Under. This could be just his 2nd or possibly 3rd time calling this play, also.

- 4th Quarter. 5:40. Scrambles right to try and get 1st down. Saints Go's Whips.

- 4th Quarter. 0:55. In hurry up mode, so didn't get to see the exact play called, but slant pass towards sideline to his TE which he did numerous times.

- 4th Quarter. 0:45. PA TE Corner. Could be just his 2nd time, or possibly 3rd.

- 4th Quarter. 0:36. Immediately scrambles right. PA Boot Slide.

- 4th Quarter. 0:30. Immediately scrambles right, tries to get 1st. PA Boot Slide again on this very next play.

- 4th Quarter. 0:24. TE Seam.

Post on Tue 14 Apr 2015, 9:49 pm by DaTBoYFrOMTeXaS

BTW Shaston, I apologize cursing at you. Even though your play calling wasn't SIM and me being frustrated at you, doesn't make that right. I should've kept my cool. So yeah, I apologize for the cursing.

Post on Wed 15 Apr 2015, 6:07 am by shaston

If this is what happened, I agree that would not be to sim based on the calls. I only looked at the first 6 or 7 minutes so forgive me for being skeptical of your accuracy. I will look at it also and see if you are in fact accurate. If these passing plays were called back to back, then yes, not cool regardless of the formation.

I don't recall running these plays that much, but I will check. I will admit that I scramble a lot and not afraid to scramble immediately based on the alignment of the line and the linebackers.

Apology accepted and if I owe you one after looking at this, I will be happy to apologize for my game play.


Post on Wed 15 Apr 2015, 12:27 pm by DaTBoYFrOMTeXaS

If the commishes agree that your play was unsim, you don't need to apologize. I can already see that you're genuine in saying you feel bad about calling those plays if my points are accurate.

As far the scrambling, if it's a designed play such as a bootleg or any other play that requires to have you scramble to a side that's fine. Or if you're being pressured and need to avoid a sack or no one was open, I'm fine with you scrambling out of the pocket. That's completely understandable. The part I didn't agree with or felt was sim, was when you immediately scrambled to one side and didn't even try to see if a WR was open, nor was it to avoid pressure.

Again, I apologize for letting this game get to me so much. I feel like a dumbass... It is just a game after all. Either way, I wish you luck the rest of the season.

Post on Wed 15 Apr 2015, 12:38 pm by DaTBoYFrOMTeXaS

Idk why sometimes you can edit your posts and other times you can't...

Anyways, the additional point I wanted to add was there were times where I called the same play 3 or more times. As I mentioned to TitanBrian and Slick via text, my only "defense" to that is I did it because I felt like my opponent was playing unsim and kept calling the same plays. It's a bid hard to play sim in games like these and still remain competitive and giving yourself a chance to win.

On defense, I literally had to spy one play every play and user a linebacker to follow the TE on every play.

Post on Wed 15 Apr 2015, 10:28 pm by deathbyeagle

I watched the game

To save time in writing, ill keep it simple.

Your scheme is Lobby with a capital L. Time for a new scheme. In the end you should be thanking me for the advice cause it hasnt done much for you anyways Smile

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