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Post by chrebet1024

As everybody can see....we are growing each and every day as more people are checking the site out and registering.

Having said that we need to realize this....a league is ONLY as strong as its owners are. No matter what we do with the extra add-ons to the website or how solid the rules or how nice and tight everything looks......it comes down to the quality of our owners.

So now because we are in the position we're growing day by day....MAKE SURE you are pulling your own weight and constantly trying to improve your SIM play....because if your not we WILL find guys who will. There are 3 guys on the waiting list right now and I'm positive at least 1 of them is exactly the type of player we're looking for.

Be aware of what's going on.


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Post on Mon 04 Nov 2013, 11:25 am by chrebet1024

...and furthermore....don't ever be afraid to voice your opinion. If u have a strong feeling on something positive it negative....throw it out there. Make suggestions as they will always be heard. This league does not have thin skin and wants EVRRYBODY to voice themselves.

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