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Got a little story to tell.... Empty Got a little story to tell....

Post by chrebet1024

funny story I must share with you guys.

so XENON-ZEPHYR just took over the Broncos....he was excited as all hell, couldn't wait to play...awesome!!!

"welcome to the league!!"  ...all that stuff.

He's losing to Cabbage by 9 points I think....and around halftime sends me a text saying this......"I will finish this game then I am going to retire.  Don't like the games being broadcast.  He is good enough to see my playcalls and adjust.  i am not good enough to do that.  i feel it is a unfair advantage to experienced players."

excatly his quote.  So I explain to him this.....first off CABBAGE IS BROADCASTING, not you.  So ONLY your OPPONENTS playcalls and adjustments can be viewed.  Furthermore, Ustream has around a 45 second delay.  Also nobody does that here and I'm the ONLY ONE WATCHING RIGHT NOW (as while your watching you can see how many are viewing). after I explain this to him, there's no response.  Mind you, it's only a 9-3 score at this point.

Then, in the 4th quarter he QUITS THE GAME and RETIRES FROM THE LEAGUE.


.....listen, if you don't like playing real sim games and playing real competition, then don't enter this league.  Just shows the character of a guy when he thinks SOMETHING ELSE is at play, when in fact its only just your opponent making adjustments because he knows football.

...what a little freakin turd.


Got a little story to tell.... Twitch11
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Post on Fri 06 Dec 2013, 10:09 pm by chrebet1024

Here's the thing you little turd...

...If you don't want to play in the league..then that is 100% fine and ok.  Just let us know and retire...BUT to quit after 3 quarters of playing, and blaming it on conspiracy theories shows your true character.  Shit, how can anybody come to a REAL conclusion about something after only playing 3 quarters of football???

some people are just strange.....

Post on Fri 06 Dec 2013, 11:25 pm by XENON_ZEPHYR

lol. I never begged for the team nor was I excited as hell. you messaged me that the team was open and I took them. We didnt have any detailed conversation after that and except for me letting you know I had contacted my opponent to play via text.I am not sure who your trying to impress and your name calling and this thread but it shows your true character . No wonder why you cannot keep owners in your league and it is a constant turnover. I did state that I was leaving at the end of the game because I didnt like the streaming. I was running plays and he moved himself into position to stop whoever got the ball including press and backing off coverage as I audibled to a run or from run to pass.I played a game and streamed and also had it up on my cpu and the game was almost 100 percent in sync with the PS4. I think it is possible to view the game and see the playcalls and play graphics on the broadcast and adjust on the fly if the person has a lot of experience at madden. I do not have much madden gameplay to lean on so it is quite a disadvantage. Not sure why you feel the need to spam my inbox with nasty texts. Good luck with the revolving door of owners that will continue to learn what a bad league is all about.

Post on Fri 06 Dec 2013, 11:55 pm by chrebet1024


you QUIT a game, and then retired.....enough said.  Revolving doors?  No we BOOT GUYS, they don't leave.

Who quits games?

Guys that QUIT games deserved to me called more than "a little turd."

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Post on Fri 06 Dec 2013, 11:55 pm by chrebet1024 did learn what a bad league it was too?  The whole 3 quarters you were in it told you everything you needed to know I'm sure.

And hell yeah...a good league will ALWAYS have a revolving door UNTIL IT IS FULL OF 32 GREAT OWNERS.

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