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Post by chrebet1024

Now the last game between the Cards and the Panthers was 73-0.  HOWEVER after looking into it.....there is 1 way to look at it, BUT from two different angles.....

Amazin (cards owner) -- DID NOT really have the yards OR # of plays to be "running up the score."  Peterson ran 17 times for 203 yards and his QB's combined for a little over 100 yards.  In total he had only 435 yards of offense.  You would expect a whole lot more when a 73 spot is put up.  His Run/Pass ratio was HEAVILY towards the run side, which is great.

The REASON for such a score was the Turnovers.  7 in total for the Panthers.  So this is the moral of the story...yes will it be difficult sometimes to NOT score when starting with such a short field everytime?  Yes.  BUT IT MUST BE DONE to maintain realism.  When you're up by such a blowout and your opponent still has 0 points....you literally must put a backup RB in and run HB Dives or Iso's every play right into the line of scrimmage.  Do what you have to do in order to NOT score that many points.

So yes, Amazin, while the yards aren't there, this will help every owner understand what must be done in certain situations.

Wes Welker will be suspend for 1 game.  Please remove him from your ENTIRE DEPTH CHART for your next game.

please accept this suspension by replying to the post.

......and to reiterate my thoughts on this owner...in my mind he's done everything right so far and he's a keeper.  Amazin you're not going anywhere.


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I agree and accept my punishments

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