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Post by BurntCabbage

To play in the MEFL you MUST use the league website. You should at least sign on every other day.  Below you will find a list of out current owners who have not signed onto the website in 3 or more days.  This is not acceptable and will have to be corrected to remain in the league.

Stallion504 (Bucs) - Corrected

dewees30 (Dolphins) - 6 Days*

orrcaa66 (Seahawks) - 9 days*

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Post on Sun 08 Dec 2013, 2:18 pm by stallion504

I'm still here. I'm on it multiple times a day. I guess maybe I did not log in in 3 days.

Post on Sat 04 Jan 2014, 6:28 pm by BurntCabbage

Alright you know what time it check time. Who's is on and who doesn't bother? Lets find out....

Helldawg66 (Colts) - 5 days

Rascrush (Bills) - 8 days

Otis51 (Redskins) - 13 days

Regularjoe28 (seahawks) - Last login Dec. 12th (23 days)......shit dude, do you even know what season we are in??

I will send out a text.....I need you guys to correct this. At least every 3 days. And damn maybe post something from time to time?

Post on Sat 04 Jan 2014, 6:42 pm by chrebet1024

cabbage...try to get a hold of rascrush as he is on auto-pilot...told me he's been having some issues recently.  do your thing.

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