qn0sis, is this true?


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qn0sis, is this true? Empty qn0sis, is this true?

Post by chrebet1024

from CinciREborn, who runs another league.....

First off. Idono if this thread breaks any rules. If it does mods are welcome to delete it. But in my league iv kicked a ton of guys. It's expecte. Finding good owners can be hard. However there a point that takes things to a new level and I kicked one of these guys tonight. I think this owner may be in other leagues and may be looking for other leagues as well. Save other commishes the trouble I went through with this guy by shooting this warning.

I think the guys PSN is qnosis. He knew he was getting kicked so he signed a 66 overall LB to 128 million deal. The guy also complained endlessly about stupid crap. One night he brought something to my attention that happened in like the first week and were in like week eight. Complained about it for like over an hour. Also if the guy wasn't complaining about something then someone was complaining about him. Very disrespectful and it just isn't in my league. Another Commish I know let me know quick that the guy was bad news.

When the guy resigned the LB to 128 million that just crossed lines. Figured Id warn others. If the rolls were reversed I would want to be warned.


qn0sis, is this true? Twitch11
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Post on Sat 21 Dec 2013, 11:21 am by chrebet1024

I spoke with Qn0sis...bottom line is this.....if I hear about something like this I will bring it out into the open so their are no secrets.

There's been other guys who have had great things to say about Qn0sis as well.

Qn0sis has been a solid owner in our league so this story doesn't hold much merit with me.  I only had to address it with him.

....carry on.

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