Rushing 2 Players, please read


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Rushing 2 Players, please read Empty Rushing 2 Players, please read

Post by chrebet1024

This should NEVER be done.  Only in those rare cases in a hail mary situation at the end of the game IF you'd like to throw a guy in a QB contain to make sure the QB doesn't get outside the pocket.

I've received video on an owner rushing only 2 guys 9 times in a single game.  We will not reveal the owner who did this....but let this be a reminder that this cannot happen. 

It's not real football.  Its madden bullshit play.

We're better than that.


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Post on Fri 27 Dec 2013, 3:42 pm by chrebet1024

...the next time I see video evidence that a defense rushed only 2 guys or less, MORE THAN TWICE PER GAME will have their QB suspended for 4 games.  At least a 3 man rush is mandatory.

And when I say twice per game...I mean ONLY from calling Velcro 9 OR a "end of game Hail Mary Situation."

Post on Fri 27 Dec 2013, 8:29 pm by Zeemen

Completely agree. There are a handful of owners who will dial up blitzes to stay true to the game right up to the final two mins of the game. Just because your allowed to only rush three at times shouldn't be what the norm is. 3'rd and long I get it or several times a game, but way to many drop zones 29-25 plays in a row. This league is put together by sim owners to crown the most sim owner around and we have some good ones here. The commish and other vet owners are doing a great job of looking for 32 great sim owners.

I myself have played lots of new owners here that are hands down great sim guys playing a ton of different plays. Then I have had 9 or so games where the guy was sim except on defense. I leave the games wondering sometimes, "is mixing up and creating defensive plays to confusing or hard for some?" I really think we should take it upon ourselves to get better at showing different looks on defense. It adds realism to the game.

For the guy dropping 9 in coverage all game, please go join online ranked lobbies where that is found. It has no place here. In the end we are only robbing ourselves of a sim win and a loss to our opponent who kept it real. Sorry for the rant and to those who I have played that kept it real thanks and keep it up you have been so much fun to play.

Post on Fri 27 Dec 2013, 9:02 pm by chrebet1024

It's all good....talking about it Openly on the Forum will help us get there.

With so many new faces (75% of league basically)....this was to be expected.  As long as we all (inlcuding me) are receptive to comments/advice from others...we ALL will get better each game.

what did Lombardi say once???

"We will continually chase PERFECTION, knowing full well that we will not achieve it."

It is NOT about winning or losing, it is about HOW you win or lose.

....and there is NOTHING wrong with being spoken to about something.  Not a black mark on you whatsoever.  It happens to EVERYBODY.

Post on Fri 27 Dec 2013, 9:47 pm by bld314

I tend to disagree with you guys on this. With the amount of owners I have played that run stretch plays and screens to nausem...running plays like Velcro 9 help prevent huge chunks of yards owners are taking advantage of. How can we ask owners to play sim ball on defense and not do the same in offense?

Zeeman I have left several games saying something similar to you..."is mixing up an running different offenses hard for some owners"....

I really think we should take it upon ourselves to police both sides if the field not just the defense...I know I'm new here and my voice might not have as much weight as more seasoned owners...but fair is fair gentlemen...


Post on Fri 27 Dec 2013, 10:01 pm by chrebet1024

agree that both sides of the ball should be policed....but 1 WRONG doesn't make another WRONG the OK thing to do.

If a guy is not mixing up playcalling....then the proper actions need to take place.

1.  Either contact me
2.  Post in our "Owners Complaints" section
3.  Text me and tell me to Hop on the Live Stream so I can check it out
4.  Video record the game and upload it to Facebook and then have me check it out.

....I can't police something if I don't know about it.

Now as far as velcro 9 stopping the stretch play.....I mean MANY THINGS can stop the stretch play, not only velcro 9. 

If NFL teams could get away with rushing 2 guys on half of their playcalls....don't you think they would do it????

The problem is in real life they CAN'T get away with rushing 2 or less....that's why it NEVER happens...and because we are a SIM league...that's why that is a rule (where you MUST rush 3 or more each play).

When I discuss NOT RUSHING 3, I don't care what the offense was doing.  Whether they called 10 straight stretches or mixed it up Flawlessly.  In the SPECIFIC CASE OF NOT RUSHING is STILL ILLEGAL.  Does that mean we shouldn't police offense too?  of course we should and do on a day by day basis.  But its not relative bc rushing less than 3 should never happen regardless of what the offense is doing right or wrong.

I mean what if I said this...."hey you know what?...I'm gonna put my WR with 99 speed in at HB and run Tosses all game, because the defense I'm playing is PINCHING and clogging up both A Gaps every play."

.....Isn't that sort of the same situation as what we see here?  A defense is continually calling the same concept (as you say with the STRETCH)....and then I decide to do something ILLEGAL (put a WR at RB because he has 99 speed).

Although I completely understand what you're saying.....the bottom line is there ARE other ways to stop the stretch play....and calling an illegal defense can't be one of them.

Post on Fri 27 Dec 2013, 10:19 pm by bld314

I guess all I'm saying is I don't see the two situations as the same....replacing a WR at HB...isn't nearly the same as running a standard play that puts your defense in position to help prevent an offensive exploit....

Post on Fri 27 Dec 2013, 10:27 pm by bld314

The reason NFL teams don't constantly rush less than 3 isn't bc they can't get away with it....It's because unlike in Madden they don't have to worry about majority of stretch plays resulting in huge yardage gains for the offense...

So yes...I'm all about sim play and to the best of our ability mimicking the NFL...but we are playing a video game that has its imperfections...and sometimes our goals of what we want to do and want to become are limited by that fact....we are kidding ourselves if we don't admit this

Post on Fri 27 Dec 2013, 10:47 pm by chrebet1024

defenses in the NFL don't have to worry about giving up huge chunks of yards to offenses?  come on of course they do.  I haven't really seen the stretch play being the play of death this season....and have never had to resort to calling velcro 9 to stopping it.

Of course everybody admits video games have imperfections that will never mimmick real life perfectly....BUT now you're talking about the whole "Freestyle vs Sim" style player debate.  BUT, the tougher we are on ourselves...the closer we'll always be in playing the right way.

You actually think rushing 2 players around 15 plays per game is SIM?  I would like to know if you think that's SIM play or not.

Post on Fri 27 Dec 2013, 11:13 pm by bld314

Ofcourse that's not sim play...but neither is constantly running offensive plays that are known exploits...

Defenses are predicated by what offenses are being run...always have been always will be...not vice versa

Post on Sat 28 Dec 2013, 2:03 am by TheDarkConfidant

bldim sorry but on the ps4 side there are counters for everything all you need is the correct adjustments. If you saw my games vs the chiefs he couldn't run and was having trouble passing down field so he wen't to the screen game I started to man up a D line guy or putting a DE on a contain and usering the other side. this game is a chess match and while a flag route with destroy man a nice purple or yellow zone will usually stop it. Trust me I'm a tourney style player that enjoys also playing sim, in a ranked match if you can't stop the read option I'm gonna run that down your throat but would you see that on sunday no why? cause the D will make adjustments just you would have to in a game.

Post on Sat 28 Dec 2013, 5:04 am by bld314

So if you're in a 3-4 D and you place a DE in man or contain...that's only rushing two. Not sure how that's any different than running set defensive plays that only rush 2.

That's seems pretty grey to me...either way I digress...seems like we're beating a dead horse...

Post on Sat 28 Dec 2013, 6:22 am by TheDarkConfidant

In that case you take the role and put him on a contain and user the left side. I was talking about a 4 man d line.

Post on Sat 28 Dec 2013, 11:33 am by chrebet1024

......who is the "dark confidant?". hmmmmmm....with that PSN name it makes me think it might be somebody I knew as a different PSN prior to this one.

Are my thoughts correct or are u in fact brand new to this group?

...its ok either way obviously as ur a solid owner....I just got to thinking a little but just now.

Post on Sat 28 Dec 2013, 11:46 am by TheDarkConfidant

HAHA, unfortunately I am brand new I was never able to find a good league before this one the only thing I was bummed about was I didn't get to draft my team and I got all the geezers lol. But I will be here for the next fantasy draft and I love this league. Keep an eye out for my post game repot!

Post on Sat 28 Dec 2013, 11:54 am by chrebet1024

Haha....that was the more likely outcome....I just got to thinking there for a split second.

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