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Screen Passing Empty Screen Passing

Post by Helldawg66

So, just played shoot_me_u_noob fantasy colts and chiefs and just wanted to bring up the amount of screen passes.

I did stop them all basically because I called the right plays on defense, covering the flat, qb spying an extra guy on the blitz and manually covering the runningback anyway, etc etc, but since it was brought to my attention in one of my first games I played to stop using as many screens I'm bringing this up. I used about 4-5 screens in my full game and was asked to mix it up the next time I played. In our game by about 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, shoot called 7 hb screens and 1 te/wr screen. I did stop them all, and I texted him after the 8th one. He immeidately stopped and didn't call anymore screens the rest of the game. The way our game went I had a big lead very early so he couldn't follow a standard gameplan against me so that's definitely a big part of it. I mixed up blitzing and zone heavily in this game instead of as much man as I like to run.

Just wanted to bring up to people so they see this and don't call tons of screens during the game. Like a few in a game makes sense to use it as part of your running game, but not a lot on the same drive trying to drive down the field. Just use them situationally when they make sense to call, like after rb wheel routes, or after a few runs up the middle or as a surprise on first down or something like 3rd and 5.

I'd like to stress I have no complaint against shoot_me_u_noob, just wanted to bring up the screens. I gave him some good rb pass plays to mix in tnat I used against him after the game so he could use other passing plays with the rbs. Helppppp eeeeeaccchhhh otherrrrrrrrrr. Very Happy
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Post on Sun 12 Jan 2014, 4:39 pm by chrebet1024

yesss sir...good post.

Be careful with how many screens you call.  We all know how WELL they work in Madden.  There are many ways to get your HB the ball without a screen.

Post on Mon 13 Jan 2014, 8:20 am by shoot_me_u_noob

Thanks for all the help guys! Smile

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