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That's it gents, we won't be starting another season. If anyone still wants to get some games in, sign up in default league.

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Your roster is not compliant with our rules. Warnings and time were given to fix....

You must sit C. KAEPERNICK for two games. Please respond below to accept punishment.

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Your roster is not compliant. Warnings, and time was given to fix, and you did nothing. Shame on you!

Sit Harlon Freeman for two games. Respond below to accept punishment.

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Your roster is not compliant, warnings and time were given to fix.....

You must sit Trip Finley for two games. Accept your punishment by responding below.

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Your roster is not compliant with our rules, warnings and time was given to fix...

You must sit Russell Wilson for two games. Please accept suspension by replying below.

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Based on a lot of chatter I've been hearing, I'm thinking about coming back to at least "stay around it."

See in my mind, I thought we'd stay strong regardless of me being in the league or not.  It's tough freaking thing though and a bunch of guys need to help.

The group we have is still solid, but we need to recruit more.

...and the website stuff needs to be kept up with, which takes a "maniac" to do.

As long as you guys are ok with it, I want to come back with a team in each league, BUT the understanding that I will miss games needs...

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I need a few things to start to do the history for this past season:

Anybody can help with this...reply with the info..

--Who won all of the awards for the season?  (MVP, OFF POY, DEF POY, OFF Rookie, DEF Rookie, Coach)
--What was the SB score?
--Who was SB MVP?
--And you guys need to name a Robar Award Winner as well

Congrats to Frank and the Jags on his first MEFL Title

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We are going to use a 48 Hour Advance period for EACH round of the playoffs.  Obviously the Title games and Super Bowl will go quicker.

Once we know when the SB will be played, we will then post the offseason schedule.

Good luck to all the playoff teams.

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SD, in the chat yesterday, after playing raiders, you brought up gameplay complaints. While this alone is against the rules, it was made worse with over exaggerating comments.

You said ortiz_23 ran the play "power O" on 90% of his plays.( he had 4 in the game)

You also said he ran 4 straight on the first drive.(it was a power 0, then a strong power was all that was "in a row")

The issue here is labelling someone unfairly. Even if his play calling is perceived to be bad(or is bad) the exaggeration in the chat helps nobody.

This, I believe, will be our...

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C4JUN, you played the computer chiefs, broke and tied a record. This is UNacceptable; Your response was well it was one of those games, which MAY give a slim chance to excuse it but unfortunately you did not stream the game and there is no game log to review. The consequence of this will be

QB Aaron Rodgers 3 Games
WR Mike Wallace 2 Games
          Please remove both players from your depth chart starting Week 12-13 (14 for rodgers)

Understand that while "stat padding" may not have been your intention, it gives a large amount of...

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ORTIZ_23 In a game I just watched, raiders vs. Chargers, You did something abusive.

With 1:49 left in the game, ball inside the 10, up 27-7, you called a run play and scored a TD. Chargers had 2 timeouts and just threw an interception.

Kneeling the ball in this situation is the right move, showing respect to a deflated opponent. By scoring a TD tells me your statistics are more important than your integrity.

I'd like you comment, and explain yourself before your punishment is decided, please.

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20141125 must RETIRE your coach as Jim Harbaugh, and RESTART with a created coach.  We wanted everybody to start with a created coach so it was fair from the get go.

Please do this asap, thanks.

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Nuun should be taking over the 49ers tonight.

Rx has left the Cardinals for the Vikings.

Cardinals are open. Ravens are on hold for a potential strong owner at the moment who just needs to get back to us.

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Mello was decent at getting games in, but wasn't on website since oct.8th, not on chat, and an unreliable guy to text with.

Vikings open,  looking for a active owner willing to play with respect for the game.

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MEFL Veteran Rx will be rejoining the fantasy ranks and taking over the reigns of the Arizona Cardinals

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Last season we gave a lot of leniency [up to week 9] for roster violations. This is year 2. Most of you have been here long enough aside from the veteran owners. Any team in violation has until Tuesday night's advance period to get their rosters in order. please refer to the roster/depth chart guidelines. Last season there was a focus on safety/cb violations. This year there is also a focus on the roster MINIMUM guidelines for each position AND position group. For example yes you may start 3 guards at the Center position as they are interior linemen, but you must still have 1 "C" on your roster...

by Helldawg66 - Comments: 2 - Views: 255
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After speaking with multiple owners and watching the tape for myself, Safety Tyvon Branch will be suspended 2 games for violating both calling plays before opponent as well as personnel matching on the defensive side of the ball. Remove Branch from depth chart ENTIRELY. You have a great attitude and we want you around, take everything we have been saying into consideration regarding playcalling and take it game by game.

Please Reply to accept suspension

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56 carries with Adrian Peterson is way to many.

We have coaches that will go for single game or season records to gain xp, that's why we don't allow abuse when playing cpu, or live opponents.

Normally a first offense is a two game suspension. After seeing your comments on groupme, and having only a 5.0 yard average, and expecting more runs than passes when beating the cpu, and AP is not in line for yearly awards, I see your only fault was NOT subbing in a backup RB. So I've decided on a ONE game suspension for AP. Please remove him from depth chart for your next game.

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Lonestar, you have a HB in a depth position at FB, this is against our rules.

Remove Colin Kaepernick from your depthchart for weeks 9 and 10.

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-Guys on this list need to watch THIS video if they do not know how to set up archiving for their twitch account.

-Also Away teams need to make sure they are posting on the Game Start Time Thread, this can be done at anytime once a time is agreed upon.

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Fireice, you have a CB in a depth position at SS, this is against our rules.

Remove Matthew Stafford from your depthchart for weeks 9 and 10.

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Ortiz 23, you have a HB in a depth position at FB, this is against our rules.

Remove Alex Smith from your depth chart for weeks 9 and 10.

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Aragorn, you have a HB in a depth position at FB, this is against our rules.

Remove Blake Bortles from your depthchart for weeks 9 and 10.

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KingJay, you have a HB in a depth position for FB, this is against our rules.

Remove Teddy Bridgewater from your depthchart for weeks 9 and 10.

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Probably Wasted, you have a HB in a depth position for FB, this is against our rules.

Remove Ben Rothlisberger for your roster for weeks 9 and 10.

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Bull is leaving the mefl fantasy ranks due to alot of traveling, he will be missed.
Veteran MEFL owner Bigtuck70ea rejoins the fantasy ranks.

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Titan and Slick...check this out.  

And this goes for everybody...You ARE ALLOWED to monitor BoxScores yourself in effort to help us out.  We all know XP is tough to come gaining stats in games for that XP is always gonna be a key issue to monitor.

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Dacode (vikings) racking up the sims is the way to get kicked out of here. MelloMoney93 will take the reigns in Minnesota.

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MEFL Elite Owners

Obviously creating these profiles takes some work on my end....but don't worry, if you are listed below you will have a profile up eventually.

Our goal is to have over 25-30 owners on this list by the end of M15 (which includes both leagues)....and with our solid group I know that's achievable.

Also, don't forget there is...

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TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: (and please, realize this is "Tentative" as many things can happen from now until late August)
--Saturday, September 13th: Load Rosters into Franchise (with updated rosters)
--Sunday, September 14th: Fantasy Draft begins at 4 pm et
--Monday, September 15th: Fantasy Draft resumes at 7 pm et

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So now 3 games ive played u bud. 2 games u seemed to forget 4th down rules and thought u were playing lobby games i guess and game 3 in fantasy u decided to be a jerk and shut ur ps4 off 1 second b4 final whistle after getting ur ass kicked 40-21. Then u claim u were in rush and are sorry? If u were in such a rush why were u trying to score down 19 points with 40 seconds left in the game? You were running around with ur qb in the backfield like an idiot and lost him for the season b4 giving up a saftey on the next play. then i get the ball kneel it out and u disconnect? WTF? WHY DID U JOIN THIS...

by SDchargers373 - Comments: 1 - Views: 282
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Sorry guys, there was a bit of a miscommunication which is the reason for the matchups not being posted while I was away with no access to be able to do it. Just wanted to throw the apology out there and let guys know this league is not dying, we are finishing strong and gearing up for a great M15 Campaign.

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In light of a trade being processed in-game before the approval of BOTH commissioners on the trade proposal thread. Linebacker Vontaze Burfict and Cornerback Daryl Morris will be suspended 4 games. The Trade must be fixed to the updated version on the thread.
Please remove Burfict and Morris from your depth chart and accept this suspension by replying.

by slicksilverman - Comments: 8 - Views: 353
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In light of a trade being processed in game before the approval of BOTH commishes, Guard David Decastro will be suspended 4 games. The Trade must be fixed to the updated version on the thread.
Please remove Castro from your depth chart and accept this suspension by replying.

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It seems that the time has come for these great owners to hang up their controller to focus solely on our DEFAULT League. We have 2 new owners in immaculate_user (EAGLES) and ColossalChicken (CHARGERS) taking the reigns. OPEN Teams are as Follows: Cowboys, Dolphins, Jaguars. We also have some people who have been turned on Auto-Pilot until further notice..Dterry(RAVENS), KingJay(BENGALS), and solman1975(BRONCOS).

by slicksilverman - Comments: 2 - Views: 269
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..just a little reminder...if you QUIT 1 league out of frustration bc you're acting like a 12 year old...then you will be booted out of all the leagues.

This happened with AirikG704 recently as the Steelers.  He quit default out of anger and wanted to continue with Fantasy.  That's not gonna happen.  Once you pull the trigger on that childish act...that's all we need to know about you.

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This was a horrible game went for a 4th n 6 on his 38 down 7 with 8 minutes to go...a shit ton of wheel routes out of pistol and curls as well...went for a two with two minute to go in purr quarter smfh

Stop worring bout twitter and find out what sim ball is

by Shaineo - Comments: 1 - Views: 245
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Veteran Flybad has been named Sim Poy as he has one of the best football minds around and knows how to execute.

by slicksilverman - Comments: 3 - Views: 280
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A new owner has come to join the ranks and take over a struggling dolphins team and return to former glory. Proppsizzle619 takes the reins in Week 17 preparing for a great offseason.

by slicksilverman - Comments: 4 - Views: 209
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AirikG704 will be registering later today and taking over the Chargers or the Bills, I have him on Chargers right now.

Guys, start getting active on this website or there will be a WHOLE LOT MORE guys coming into this league.

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....we are mid April...where recruiting becomes tough amd football season is far away.

Keep up the activity.

We have only had 1 year of opportunity to recruit guys (M25).....the reason I say this is bc we already have a very strong core with more returning for M15....way ahead of schedule considering only one year of recruitment.

I cannot wait until M15 where we will have another opportunity to recruit guys.

The only way to continue to grow and get stronger is to take advantage of those opportunities....and we will....and its gonna be great to think about...

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MEFL is a WEBSITE LEAGUE.  We gotta be active on the website.

In this day of SMART PHONES....there is no excuse (especially bc I've disabled our MOBILE VERSION of the webpage)...the crap version.


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.....this is the 2nd advance period in a row where there are a bunch of games still left not played..

...what's going on here?

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 3 - Views: 235
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We used to do our own Power Rankings, Standings and Playoff Picture on OUR SITE.....then we let the Power Rankings and Standings be done by Daddy Leagues.

NOW, the "Playoff Picture" will ALSO be on the Daddy Leagues homepage.  

So Slick, I removed the AFC and NFC Playoff Picture Widgets from the MEFL News page.....we no longer need to worry about those.

To check out stats, standings and a lot of other things...check out our Daddy Leagues page...a lot of good things there now.

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CaptainASD will be taking over the Buffalo Bills.
Spurdaddy_24 an owner from our mefl default league will be taking over the Oakland Raiders

by slicksilverman - Comments: 3 - Views: 241
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I liked this guy a lot...he plays a good sim game and seemed like a solid owner.

But he quit a game today around halftime against the Eagles (in the DEFAULT LEAGUE).  I asked him why, he responded by saying "I don't feel like taking another loss."

He also responded saying Slick and Zeemen both play with the CB's UP to the line every play.  So he doesn't understand why they're still in the league.

Bottom line is this...if you quit a will be gone from all of the Elite Leagues IMMEDIATELY.  There is NO call for wasting people's...

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Ok fellas this is rnd 2 check for roster violations. Chargers and Titans this is the second time I'm pointing adout  the same violations to you rosters. Please correct them ASAP. You can find roster requirements under the league rules link in the forum.

Chargers: Second warning *

You need to get your roster to the min of 50 players
You must sign a Qb you are required to carry three and they must be in your depth chart. No punters or kuckiers in qb slots.


You need to get your roster to the required min of 50 players. You are currently at...

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If you look towards the bottom of the forum shows only 13 owners have been on the site within the past 24 hours....its usually anywhere from 25 to 30.

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