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Guys.....MEFL is a "machine."  What I mean by that is day by day, every text I get...it is becoming more evident that we are attracting guys each and every day.  And when viewing other leagues out there struggling to fill teams up, we are far ahead of the curve.

Here's where the message gets important....everybody needs to make a serious effort in expanding your games, being accessible to others and making sure you have a very strong internet connection.  It's NOT HARD, it's only being courteous and being part of a strong community....something fun and enjoyable for everyone.

....while I'm not saying that we are doing a poor job, I say this because we do want the strongest league possible, and that WILL mean we replace guys with stronger potential owners.  And at this pace of "new guys" finding us, it can and will be done.

So as cabbage and I and all of the other core vets are currently happy with what the majority of the league is doing out there, that doesn't mean everybody is always SAFE and you can feel free to do whatever you wish at a moments notice.

....its just a message to get people a little on their toes and realize that we DO want to have both leagues at "32 OWNERS STRONG."


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