Seahawks numerous and repeat roster violations


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Seahawks numerous and repeat roster violations Empty Seahawks numerous and repeat roster violations

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Flybad posted this

Chrbet asked me to post this for him...despite numerous posts about this, trying to get owners to comply w the rules about depth charts, the Seahawks still currently have 2 violations. They have sighned a 3rd QB, but have not put him in the depth chart. Only 2 QB's are listed in the depth chart, allowing the Seahawks to take full advantage of the QB injury glitch.

Also WR K. Britt is listed as the 3rd TE on the depth chart.
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Now, I'm pretty sure I checked his depth chart after all that ruckus from the previous thread and he had 3 qb in his depth chart, so that means he went back again and took his qb out again.

So far we have been made aware of your TE depth violation, your qb violation (again) and also I noticed you are playing your RG at RT and your RT at RG. You're also required to have 3 MLB on your team and you currently possess 1.

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Post on Tue 25 Feb 2014, 8:27 am by chrebet1024

Suspension coming today

Post on Tue 25 Feb 2014, 2:25 pm by BurntCabbage

First off.....I've played this guy....the game did not feel very sim to me.  I think i recorded most of it, but still need to go back and watch.  Just felt like one of those "lobby" games to me...i dunno.  We had to restart our game because he decided to put those horrendous neon green seahawks jerseys when i was home team wearing solids.  I asked him to change jerseys and he said he would then lol'd me right after like it was a stupid request.  Maybe that's what set off the "lobby" feel to me from the get go.  As for the roster need for that.  We all have the same rules to obey and they need to be fixed immediately as well as suspensions for breaking rules.

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