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same 2 plays stick ran 5times in 2qs verticals 6 times. 3 times stick used on 1 drive. verticals was back 2 back once and 2 out 3 plays once and 2 verticals y shake "mixed in". painfull game. i should get my next 3 games vs this guy autoed for wasting my time lol this shit aint what this league is about

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Post on Thu 09 Oct 2014, 6:13 pm by rascrush

zee i am not a newbie thats my point i have been in this league for almost 5 years now and never have had any issue so I really dont see this as a major issue more as a owner bitching. I just played a game last night and played it fairly simuler and no complaining at all.

Post on Thu 09 Oct 2014, 7:52 pm by SDchargers373

lol its not even bitching ive complaned about 3 losses crush and 2 have had video 1 did not. funny how the guys that arent archiving and broadcasting are the guys ive had an issue with. Im really sorry u dont get the issue man. I hate to say this but u just dont get football, really u pick ur d before me every play at worst, at best u are asking madden for ur defense which tells us u have no idea what ur doing. First u said " the plays arent the same I run a lot of slants and crosses that look similar", then u said, "their not the same plays they are just the same concept". Then I showed that they are same play and u said, "look at the playart the reciever route changes". Then u claim Im only bitiching cuz,"I suck" and "I lost". U have had 0 respect for me as ur peer ur defense consists of "Ive done nothing wrong, all u do is bitch, u suck". At least I pick my own defense bud. I really think u should read this too :

Post on Thu 09 Oct 2014, 7:53 pm by SDchargers373

Zeemen wrote:Yo SD. Hang in there. I remember being in your division last year and we had great games. Your a good owner. Come get back with me if your looking to play games with lots of play calling man. We have some newbies here and I just played one the other night. He actually played it right and I think he will pan out. We may just have to work with some of them on things.

and thanks z ur the man glad u stuck around il see u in the superbowl if i ever i get there lol:)

Post on Fri 10 Oct 2014, 12:26 pm by Zeemen

Yo rashcrush I wasn't implying to you. I'm talking some of the new guys. I have not been following what's going on between you both I was just stating to SD that I want him to hang in there.

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