Pistol, Spread, Read Option, Mobile QB Offense


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Pistol, Spread, Read Option, Mobile QB Offense

Post by chrebet1024

...guys be careful about not abusing this style of offense. Watching these games I'm seeing a lot of it.

Of course its fine to run this type of offense...BUT not only do u have to mix up your plays...but u must mix up your formations too.

When does an NFL team run the pistol offense every play? NEVER. First of all..the league has already caught up to the read option...2nd of all if a team runs the pistol..they usually never run it more than 25% of the game tops.

A QB should never have more than 5 or 6 carries over game...8 tops. And yes by the calling the read option and handing it to the back doesn't get u a QB carry....Bu in reality what is the most read options youll see by a team in a game? 49ers with 5 of them per game....maybe?

....be careful with this...expand your game and don't abuse the zone read..spread type offense.


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