Interceptions, please read


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Interceptions, please read Empty Interceptions, please read

Post by chrebet1024

The fantasy league is not as bad as the default league....but still the INTERCEPTION numbers are off the charts....

check it out:

Rodgers 34
Luck 27
Wilson 25
Brady 22
Tannehill 18
Dalton 18
Brees 17
Cassel 16
Rivers 15
Manning 15
Stafford 15
Flacco 14
Foles 14
G.Smith 13
Glennon 13 our season is ONLY HALF OVER.

Please recognize that this is a different game than M13 on the PS3.  Passing is NOT easy like it was then.  No more abusing the crappy AI in the passing game as AI is smarter.

We must TAKE PRIDE in playing the REAL WAY...which is "WINNING THE TURNOVER BATTLE" allow you to win games.

Yes I do understand if you get behind early you will throw some picks in an attempt to come back.......but guys get behind early because of SHORT FIELDS THAT YOU SERVE UP from these INT's.

Don't force silly passes into smart.

the INT slider is at 25....can't really go lower than that guys.  AND our pass accuracy slider is at 25, which is actually HIGH compared to most SIM SLIDER SETS where they set it at 7 or 8.

The completion percentage stats tell me the pass accuracy slider is OK, but the INT numbers are nuts.


Interceptions, please read Twitch11
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Post on Sun 22 Dec 2013, 9:54 pm by tcmagic97

dont have the int slider that low...i dont want cbs dropping picks every play!!!

Post on Sun 22 Dec 2013, 10:06 pm by chrebet1024

its been like that all season...its on the all madden default setting.

Its really perfect where it is....guys just need to realize that turning the ball over is a CRIME IN THE NFL and in football.

Careless Careless Careless.

I'd much rather have 0 turnovers and 150 yards passing and a WIN rather than 400 yards passing, 4 turnovers and a loss.

Check out my passing yards....I don't have much.

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